FREE MONEY! The Native Fortune rewards users that shop local with our Native Merchants. Use the app to check-in when you shop with a Native Merchant to be entered in our weekly giveaways. Shop local. Get rewarded.


You know what you want. And if there's a deal out there that benefits you, then you should be able to easily find it. We make sure that happens.


Stop collecting loyalty cards in your wallet that you forget about or they expire without you knowing. Loyalty cards from our Merchants are all digital, and all in one place on your app.

Loyalty Cards

Did you miss out on a special event or new deal from your favorite local business or restaurant? Not anymore. Control who you see, and discover what you're missing with our updates.

Stay in-the-know

You know what you want, and you should be able to control your shopping experience. Not companies like Amazon that use your private data to try and manipulate you into buying things.

What if you could easily discover what was offered around you and get deals that you'll actually use. Then when YOU decided to buy something, you were rewarded.

Welcome to Native Rewards.

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